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Being the best academic paper writing platform means only one thing. We employ only professional essay writers. This means that all our staff passes through very tough selection process in order to become an essay writer. Besides that, we care about their own academic background and real life experience in their fields of expertise.

We appreciate our authors. That’s why unlike other essay writer websites we provide them a lot of benefits and tools to make their working process easier. Below we would like to ensure you in getting only the best matching online essay writer for your assignment on our platform.

How do we find the top essay writer?

The selection process is the most important factor in the future success of an essay writer website. For us it means that we, first, announce the positions among graduates, retired professors and experts in the specific fields. We only contact those who graduated from accredited academic institutions.

After this call for employment we have a huge pool of potential authors. Out of it we must find the professional authors.

The first stage of the recruitment process for an academic writer position is background screening. We carefully check that all the applicants are from reputable universities, having their MA and PhD titles. After it we conduct a general English grammar exam among all the candidates. Only the ones with at least 90% success rate can be chosen to provide essay writer help on our platform.

Then the fun part starts. We request samples of their own academic papers, completed during their studies. We do check those for plagiarism, grammar, and their logical mindset. As you know, by relying on a writer to do your assignment you also accept your author’s opinion as your own.

For the ones who still remained successful in this college essay writer job chase we announce the last task. We give a sample assignment to all of them with a one-week completion deadline. It can be an essay related to the field of their expertise.

What happens after they get the custom essay writer job?

For the first three months all the writers are on trial period. This means that we will assign them the easiest tasks, like homework help, for example, and monitor their success rates. We always let the writers and clients communicate directly with each other. This also means that during the trial period we will follow tightly the correspondence of the new college essay writers. We’ll do it to ensure that they treat our clients with respect.

Another important thing to mention is that as the best essay writer website we don’t want beginners to get complex tasks. Usually, it’s a problem of bidding platforms where starters are offering the lowest price for a term paper help service. They get the assignment but because lack of experience can’t complete it on a desired level. This makes the clients frustrated with the whole platform.

We do it in a different way! See below how!

How do we assign one of our writers to you?

You can order your essay directly at — Home Page and experience the process on your own. For those who prefer to know, before doing, see our assignment flow below.

  • You place and order specifying all the necessary details.
  • Our academic content managers manually review all the order and find the best match among the available essay writers.
  • The main criteria are as following. Matching academic degree, expertise in your field of studies, availability for your specified deadline.
  • After this we inform you about the client and academic writer match and put you in direct contact.


Our writers cannot apply to do your task on their own. Neither we use software for doing this pairing. This workflow is fully manual and that is the guarantee of high quality essay writer being at your disposal.

Obligations of a pro academic writer

There is a general rule you could hear during all our expert essay writer trainings. It says that they have to complete the task as precise, as if it was their degree at the stake. But, of course, besides this, there are many other details related to an essay writer online job.

  • We don’t tolerate plagiarism. Neither our writers do. This means that it’s not them, but us checking all the papers for plagiarism. In case we detect an essay writer using plagiarism in their task, we reject any future collaboration.
  • Our writers use only resources approved by our platform. This ensures that the information used for your assignment is reliable and valid. In case you make a very specific request and we can’t find the needed information in our resource base, we will turn to external sources.
  • All our essay writers know that there might be urgent tasks which have to be completed regardless day it’s or night.
  • The academic writer is paid only after you approve the completed assignment. This means that you may request unlimited number of free revisions and the writer will do them to be paid for the essay.

In case you requested an academic task of high importance, we will provide you with drafts along the process of completion. This is related to tasks like dissertations, term papers and thesis’s. This will ensure that you are satisfied with the work your essay writer does, and if not, you may request another person to do the work.

Choosing your own academic writer

We are happy to have loyal customers and it makes us working even harder when we see well-known names in our order lists. It’s obvious that in time you will get to used to work with one specific author. You can save his or her name and next time request to work with this essay writer. We will do our best to let you work with your favourite author again. Hopefully, he or she will be available and you will be matched.

Our rules are strict and the quality we guarantee to our customers is incredibly high. But guess what? Our employees stay with us on long term. Just like us they are committed to provide high class services. Our writers appreciate the bonuses and rewards we offer for their excellence and loyalty.